Our Story


After scouring the market for a handbag that would both safely conceal her firearm and still reflect her on-trend personal style, Faith, a federal agent, decided to create her own line.  Because handbag design was an unknown territory for Faith, a mutual friend connected her with Jodi, a handbag designer, whose first reaction was “I know nothing about guns.”  Over the course of a few conversations, Faith and Jodi discovered a shared love for bright colors, textural fabrics and statement-making accessories.  Working from opposite ends of the country with the aid of communication technology, they shared swatches, silhouettes and features to make this line come to fruition.  Weighing every detail from the strength of ballistic nylon to the durability of cowhide, they decided to seek some additional expertise. Enter Brian, a retired range master and armorer, with whom they created an integrated holster system inside a contemporary handbag silhouette. This truly was a merging of fashion and function. Proudly produced in the U.S.A, Been & Badge handbags are Range tested and Red Carpet approved!

Our team collaborated with Wilde Built Tactical, a law enforcement owned and operated company, to ensure that our bags contain holsters that are made in the USA using high quality materials.

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